1998 Am-Am!! Special Awards

The Award Goes to Because
Most 0s Byron, Joel, Rob, Yuko They each had 1 "hole-in-zero"
Most 1s Allan Allan had a total of 9 holes-in-one.
Least 1s Byron, Carrie, Chryssa, Teresa A. None
Most 6s Teresa A. Teresa had a total of 14 sixes.
Least 6s Steve, Rob None
Hardest Holes 6th hole on Milpitas #3 (big anthill in the back with the annoying bush)
18th hole on Milpitas #2 (the blue table-top hole)
Average strokes: 4.26
Easiest Hole 10th on the Jungle course (the curvy hole by the batting cages with the unmarked bonus cup) Average strokes: 1.89
Feast or Famine Hole 11th hole on Milpitas #3 (the big anthill with the exit out the side) Standard deviation: 1.875
Most Consistent Hole 6th hole on the Jungle course (the one with the three bumps that look like elephant patties) Standard deviation: 0.577
Most Consistent Player Carrie Standard deviation: 0.944
Least Consistent Player Allan Standard deviation: 1.496
Highest Ranked Female Carrie
205 overall, 13 to par
Queen of Mediocrity Toni Not only did she come in 14th out of 27 this year, she is also the only player to have played all four years and never have gone home with a prize.
Most Creative Scoring Beth, Teresa A., Chryssa, Tracy Ask them about the Perpetual Motion Rule
Most Unique Spelling of Name Allan
Best Hat Tracy
"Best" Sunglasses Toni, Beth
Most Dedicated Harlan
Flew all the way from Boston just to golf.

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