1999 Am-Am!! Special Awards

The Award Goes to Because
Easiest Hole 17th on the Jungle course (the elephants hole) Average strokes: 1.625
Hardest Hole 12th hole on Livermore West (the one with the missing bricks)
Average strokes: 4.032
Easiest Hole Relative to Par TIE
6th on Livermore West (the first "putt it up a ramp and it comes out over there on a different patch of carpet" hole) and
17th on Livermore East (riccochet off a rock to the right to a depressed hole in the middle of a peninsula)
Average strokes below par: 1.06
Hardest Hole Relative to Par 9th on the Jungle course (the ropes hole) Average strokes over par: 1.34
Most Consistent Hole 15th hole on the Jungle course (the straight hole that ends by the birds) Standard deviation: 0.545, ignoring the 18th holes that keep the balls
Feast or Famine Hole 9th hole on Livermore East (the last hole parallel with the road in front of the course) Standard deviation: 1.75
Most 0s TIE
Brooke, Dale, Dan, Dave, Robyn, Steve M., and Tony
They each had one "hole-in-zero"
Most 1s TIE
Byron, Joel, and Rob W.
They each had eight holes-in-one.
Least 6s TIE
Dan, Dave, Jason, Joel, and Tony
None of them scored a six.
Cutest Hat Carrie
Best "He Actually Wore That in Public?" Hat Rick
Best Hole-in-One Kim On the 17th hole on the Gold Rush course, Kim putted, then Tony putted and hit Kim's ball, then Topher putted and hit Kim's ball again and her ball went in the cup.
Most Improved in the Course of a Day Teresa A. Round 1 = 76, Round 4 = 50
Most Dedicated Version 2.0 Harlan
Flew all the way from Boston just to golf -- for the second year in a row!
Best Multitasker Allan Putting on the phone
Best Prop The Baby Elephant
Most Egregious Interpretation of an Am-Am!! Rule Steve F. He wore his Official Am-Am!! t-shirt under a football jersey!
Reigning Queen of Mediocrity Toni Still no prize!
Best Moving Violation JT
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