2000 Am-Am!! Special Awards

The Award Goes to Because
Easiest Hole 6th on Upper Castro Valley (follow the rail 90° to the right) Average strokes: 1.85
Hardest Hole TIE
15th on Upper Castro Valley (water tower hole)
17th on Upper Castro Valley (ant hill without a backstop)
Average strokes: 4.05
Easiest Hole Relative to Par 4th Gold Rush (little red school house) Average strokes below par: 0.6
Hardest Hole Relative to Par 2nd Upper Castro Valley (two hills and a small ant hill at the end) Average strokes over par: 1.4
Most Consistent Hole 10th Gold Rush (just hit it down the right side) Standard deviation: 0.31
Feast or Famine Hole 13th on Lower Castro Valley (ant hill with the backstop) Standard deviation: 2.28
Most 0s Carrie and Yuko They each had one "hole-in-zero"
Most 1s Aid 10 holes-in-one
Least 6s TIE
Joel and Rob.
Neither of them scored a six. As a side note, Rick had a 6, but no 5's
Most Consistent Player Aid 45-45-48-47
Best Headware Jason, while wearing both his and Yuko’s hats
Most Dedicated Matt He lives three miles further from the courses than Rick and Beth.
Biggest Waste of Time Rob's Course Notes See results.
Best Golf Gadget Toni's handy-dandy golf ball picker-upper
Least Likely to be Invited Back Blaine Now one Official Am-Am!! Official knows why Blaine is the other Official Am-Am!! Official’s favorite cousin.
Best Announcement Kim & Aid

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