Sixth Annual Am-Am!! Photos

Ellen and Joel Joel Ellen
Past Champions return to defend their titles. Gentlemen and Ladies, start your putters.

Aid gets licked Matt
The dragon tries Lik-M-Aid. Matt tries to imitate the dragon.

Carrie Robyn
Carrie can rightfully blame the rope for this predicament. Robyn's about to score!

Aid, Blaine, Toni, Marc t-shirts
Mugging and being mugged for the camera. A line-up of this year's t-shirt!

Official Am-Am!! Officials Jason and Yuko
The Official Am-Am!! Officials wishing they could be as cute as Jason & Yuko. Jason & Yuko enjoying their water after being selected "Most Photogenic" by the senior class.

Kim & Aid Byron and Dave
Kim & Aid appear to be engaged... in conversation at the awards dinner. Byron and Dave take a breather.
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