2001 Am-Am!! Special Awards

The Award Goes to Because
Hardest Hole 7th on Sunnyvale East (Yes, the Anthill) Average strokes: 4.19
Easiest Hole 10th on Sunnyvale East (Putt into the windmill) Average strokes: 1.73
Most Consistent Hole 1st Gold Rush Standard deviation: 0.44
Feast or Famine Hole 18th on Sunnyvale West (The Square Anthill) Standard deviation: 2.12
Easiest Hole Relative to Par 3rd on Sunnyvale East (Three valleys dropping to a lower green on the left) Par: 3
Average: 1.85
Hardest Hole Relative to Par 5th on Gold Rush (Hey, where'd the loop-the-loop come from?) Par: 2
Average: 3.27
Most Consistent Player Rob Standard Deviation: 0.8 strokes/hole
Least Consistent Player Matt Standard Deviation: 1.41 strokes/hole
Most 0s Dave and Rick They each had one "hole-in-zero"
Most 1s Harlan, Tony, and Topher 11 holes-in-one
Least 1s Leigh, JT, and Steve B. 3 holes-in-one
Least 6s Ellen, Joel, and Rob None scored a six. Rob also didn't have any 5s
Most 6s Leigh and Matt 7 6s each
Most Dedicated Lao and Harlan From Boston
Most Dedicated First Timer Steve B. From New Zealand
Best Excuse for Not Playing Kim and Adrian Honeymoon in Italy
Biggest Diehard Byron Only non-Official to play every Am-Am!!!
Most Anticipated Return Bill One of the original seven, he returned after a four-year hiatus.
Most Obvious Use of Pain Medication Toni She had the wrong date on the Official Am-Am!! ball picker-uppers. She of all people should know that the Am-Am!! was established in 1995, not 1994.

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