2001 Am-Am!! Improvement Center

We're frequently asked if we've noticed any improvement in our scores over the years. Since we played the same two courses in the 7th Annual Am-Am!! as in the 2nd Annual Am-Am!!, we can finally answer this burning question.
  1. In the 2nd Am-Am!!, Dave won the prestigious Green Jacket. He shot a 178, and was ahead of the next player by 7 strokes. In the 7th Am-Am!!, Dave shot a 180, and finished in sixth place, 13 strokes behind the leader.
  2. Rob finished third in 1996, having shot a 185. Rob finished third in 2001 by shooting a 171.
  3. Most improved goes to Carrie, who shot a 219 to finish last the last time we played these courses. This time, she shot a 182 to take the HROS award, gaining a whole 37 strokes, or more than one stroke for every two holes. Way to go, Carrie!!

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