Seventh Annual Am-Am!! Photos

2001 Prize Winners


Tony Carrie
Daddy (aka Tony) needs a "new" green jacket. Yee Haw! Carrie gets to wear the vest again.
Topher Rob
Topher's prize, "Piddle, Poop, and Putt," is in the can. Rob takes flight with his illegal golf balls.
Rick Byron
Rick's Ardenwood gift certificates are putterly useless in Southern California. Byron turns his grimace upside down with his new Happy MealTM toy assortment.
Dave Steve
Dave sings the blues over his new country music tapes. Dog gone it! Steve M. goes nuts with his new cracker.
Jason Stuart
Jason merrily mugs with his new musical Christmas coffee cup. Do we need a caption?
Ellen Joel
Ellen's head spins over her mispackaged salad spinner. Joel finds himself up a creek. Fortunately he has a decorative paddle.
Mark Bill
Mark needs to brush up on his strokes or he'll end up with another masterpiece. Bill puts on a good face over his faceless figurines.
Steve R. Yuko
Steve R. is all set to ring in the holidays with his ceramic Christmas bell. Yuko sparkles over her new plastic mobile.
Brandy finds herself attached to her new Siamese.

Special thanks to Byron, JT, and Harlan who snapped most of the Seventh Annual Am-Am!! photos you see on these pages.
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