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October 7, 2002 Volume 8, Number 1

San Francisco Chronicle Accuses Am-Am!! Champion of Unfair Advantage
•Reporter catches Woodard in workday practice session

Reliable sources have revealed that Rob Woodard's win of the Eighth Annual Am-Am!! held on September 14, 2002, may have been in the bag for several days prior to the tournament. Tee Times reporters were directed to a September 11, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle article in which Woodard was spotted at Boomers in Livermore and openly discussed his strategies for several holes of the challenging course. “I really didn't expect the reporter to include me in his article,” revealed Woodard, “so I thought it was safe to discuss what I was finding out there.”

Although the focus of the Chronicle article was how Bay Area residents spent the first anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, it was clear Woodard preferred to focus on the tournament. “This one has a lot of standing water. And the fairway past the windmill has a tricky ridge, too, where the ball often gets stuck,” Woodard was quoted as saying.

Careful analysis reveals that the course Woodard spoke so knowledgeably about was in fact the West course at Boomers. It was at this course that Woodard putted five under par to take a commanding lead of the tournament.

“Any of the participants could have been practicing that day. We announced the venues more than a week before,” Woodard claimed in his defense. “I just may have a little more time on my hands these days than the other folks,” he added, mumbling something about early retirement.

“Yeah? Then explain to me why it's been almost a month since the tournament and he still hasn't posted the photos?” sneered an anonymous but highly interested bystander. “This is the last year I let him be in charge,” she added.

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Some of the above is fictious, and it's meant in good fun. Most of the quotations are made up. The San Francisco Chronicle article is quoted under fair use rules.

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