2004 Am-Am!! Special Awards

The Award Goes to Because
Hardest Hole

6th on Ardenwood Gold Rush

Average strokes: 4.095
Easiest Hole

17th on Ardenwood Jungle

Average strokes: 1.476
Most Consistent Hole

18th on Ardenwood Jungle

Standard deviation: 0.38
Feast or Famine Hole

13th on Castro Valley Lower

Standard deviation: 2.26
Easiest Hole Relative to Par

2nd on Ardenwood Jungle

Par: 3
Average 0.81 strokes under par
Hardest Hole Relative to Par

10th on Castro Valley Lower

Par: 2
Average 1.476 strokes over par
Most Consistent Player Steve M. Standard Deviation: 0.77 strokes/hole
Least Consistent Player Juliet Standard Deviation: 1.35 strokes/hole
Most 0s Ellen, Rob, Sarah, Tony, Toni They each had one "hole-in-zero"
Most 1s Tony 9 holes-in-one
Least 1s Robyn Got one hole-in-one.
Least 6s Carrie, Dave, Joel, Steve M., Toni Did not get any 6s. Steven M. also did not get any 5s.
Most 6s Juliet Nine 6s
Most Popular Vintage Am-Am!! Shirt 2003's “The Proof is in the Putting” Worn by five putters. Tied for second were 1998's original “Putt Up or Shut Up” and 1999's “Putt Like It's 1999” with four Par-Tee-ers each.
Most Successful Prize Dumpers Tony and Keri Claim to have donated 4 of 5 prizes selected last.
Most Dedicated Ellen
From Baltimore
Best Meteorlogical Coincidence Participants from Washington It rained the day after Official Am-Am!! Umbrellas were distributed.
Most Far-Fetched Excuse for not Participating Aron and Becky “Tracking gorillas in Rwanda”
Biggest Diehard—NOT! Byron Missed his first Am-Am!! ever.
Most Impressive Hole-in-Two Jason
Random rugrat running across the lower green accidentally kicked his still-moving ball off two ricochets and into the hole.
Most Desperate Attempt to Keep Warm Tony Wore his coveted Green Polyester Goodwill Jacket throughout the first round, even though he was only required to wear it for the first hole.
Best Hat Everyone!

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