2006 Am-Am!! Special Awards

The Award Goes to Because
Hardest Hole

18th on Sunnyvale West

Average strokes: 4.00
Easiest Hole

3rd on Sunnyvale East

Average strokes: 1.64
Most Consistent Hole

11th on Ardenwood Goldrush

Standard deviation: 0.27
Feast or Famine Hole

18th on Sunnyvale West

Standard deviation: 2.08
Easiest Hole Relative to Par

3rd on Sunnyvale East

Par: 3
Average 1.35 strokes under par
Hardest Hole Relative to Par

9th on Ardenwood Goldrush

Par: 2
Average 1.357 strokes over par
Most Consistent Player Joel Standard Deviation: 0.881 strokes/hole
Least Consistent Player JT Standard Deviation: 1.284 strokes/hole
Most 0s Kim and Marc Each got one "hole-in-zero"
Most 1s Rob and Tony 11 holes-in-one each. Tony had five in a row!
Least 1s Kim Got two holes-in-one.
Least 6s Joel and Tony Did not get any 6s.
Most 6s JT Six 6s
Most Missed Ellen
Missed her opportunity to pass on the green vest. See how much we missed her.
Most Welcomed Return Brooke
First time she's played this millenium.
Most Dedicated Carrie
She came 1.7 miles farther than the Official Am-Am!! Officials did.
Most Far-Fetched Excuse for not Participating Grant
Grant was officiating a wedding that day.
Most Popular Ball Color Blue
Only one blue ball left after the intense post-award dinner trading.
Most Enthusiastic Response to Winning Green Apparel Steve M.
First winner to ever wear his green apparel home.
Biggest Announcement Next year the Am-Am!! is moving to Washington. Because change is good.

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