The Grand Finale Am-Am!!

A Note From the Officials:

We never imagined back in 1995 that a goofy little idea to get rid of a lawn ornament would turn into something so dear to our hearts. Over the past 13 years we’ve seen friendships grow, engagements announced, marriages celebrated, and babies born (not literally, but you know...). We saw love interests come and go, and we gathered days after a national tragedy. When it comes down to it, the Am-Am!! quickly became something much more than a miniature golf tournament (despite what one of the Officials thinks) — it became an annual gathering of friends and a joyous measure of our lives.

We thank all of you for the laughter, friendship, humor, competition, and good wholesome fun over the past 13 years. While we are closing this chapter of the Am-Am!! we sincerely hope that something takes its place to encourage all of us to continue to gather as friends each year.

We've had a ball!!

With love and thanks,
Toni and Rob
your Official Am-Am!! Officials

Sadly, the Thirteenth Annual Am-Am!! is now behind us.

Check out the results, awards, final team scores, and photos!

A big thank you from the webmaster to JT, Marc, Nancy, Rob, Robyn, Tom, Toni, and Tony who made their photos available to us in short order.

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