2007 Am-Am!! Special Awards

The Award Goes to Because
Hardest Hole

#6 on Ardenwood Gold Rush

Average strokes: 4.227
Easiest Hole

#18 on Ardenwood Gold Rush

Average strokes: 1.818
Most Consistent Hole

#5 on Ardenwood Jungle

Standard deviation: 0.35
Feast or Famine Hole

#13 on Castro Valley Enchanted Journey (lower)

Standard deviation: 1.65
14 holes-in-one out of 22 players, and only 2 6's!
Easiest Hole Relative to Par

#13 on Castro Valley Enchanted Journey (lower)

Par: 3
Average 0.955 strokes under par
Hardest Hole Relative to Par

#18 on Castro Valley Enchanted Journey (lower)

Par: 2
Average 1.636 strokes over par
(NOTE: The hole now has a loop that is not pictured here. See “Most Photographed Obstacle” below.)
Most Consistent Player Rob Standard Deviation: 0.69 strokes/hole
Least Consistent Player JT Standard Deviation: 1.34 strokes/hole
What do you expect from someone who shoots two rounds in the 60's and a 37?
Most 0s JT Got 2 "holes-in-zero"
Most 1s Aron Got 9 holes-in-one.
(Tony and Toni each had 8.)
Least 1s John, Grant and Nancy. Each got 2 holes-in-one.
However, they each also had a 0.
Least 6s Bill, Rob, Toni and Tony. None got any 6's. Tony had only one 5. Rob had no 5's.
Most 6s Marc, Peter, and Sarah. Each got 5 6's.
Most Missed Steve M.
Missed his opportunity to pass on the green cap. See how much we missed him.
Most Dedicated Aid
Missed only one Am-Am!! ever.
Best Post Am-Am!! Plans Grant and Peter
Best Buck in the Bay
Best Improvement Over The Day JT
Got a 37 after rounds of 60 and 62.
Best Gender Bender Aid and Toni
For the first time ever, a woman led the pack at the end of a round and a man was HROS.
Best Socks Peter Snazzy Argyle
Best Impression of a Three-Headed Dragon Robyn, Steve, Rob
Best Impression of Senator Larry Craig Anonymous (but not guilty)
Most Engaging Announcement Tie: Nancy & Tom; Sarah & Robyn
Most Photographed Obstacle The Loop at the end of the Enchanted Journey course at Castro Valley
Most Artistic Event Photo Tie: JT, Tom, Tony.

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