"Prizes? We can win Prizes?? What can we win?"

Well, the winner gets the coveted Green Polyester Goodwill Jacket, while others will receive some really, um, unique prizes. Depending on the number of prizes available, a number of good and a number of "putting challenged" minigolfers will be going home with something. Hint: If you don't want uniqueness, strive for mediocrity.

"I'm scared by the word unique. What exactly are these prizes and where do they come from?"

Good question. See, the prizes are donated by you, the players. We have a few guidelines though:

  1. The prize must be tacky.
  2. It cannot have been a previous Am-Am!! prize.
  3. It has to have been laying around the house--don't go out and buy something special just for this.
  4. No more than one prize per player.
  5. The Official Am-Am!! Officials reserve the right to reject prizes donated outside the spirit of the Am-Am!!, and don't think we won't ask.
  6. It has to be really tacky.
What were they thinking of? Wedding/Christmas/birthday gifts are prime Am-Am!! prizes.

"I still don't get it"

2005 Am-Am!! Prize Winners

You must be present at the Awards Dinner to win green apparel. Anyone else who wins a prize need not be present to win. Instead, the Official Am-Am!! Officials will choose your prize for you. Hint: Don't bail on the Awards Dinner if you know what's good for you. (We know where you all live...)

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