Am-Am!! Rules

Official Am-Am!! Rules

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When starting a new hole, the putting order is determined by who did best on the previous hole (best score goes first).
Putting order continues with the player farthest from the hole until all players have reached the green.
When all players have reached the green, the player closest to the hole putts first and continues to putt until the ball is in the hole.
You may tee off from anywhere on the black tee mat. However, you may not move the mat.
If your ball comes back to the tee or passes it, re-tee and count it as one stroke.
If your ball is hit by another player's ball, you have the choice of playing it from where it ends up or placing it back to its original position and playing it from there.
The course is defined to be the tee mat, the putting turf, the cup, and the air directly above those areas.
If your ball goes off the course, put it back on the course where it left (even if it comes back onto the course). There is no penalty stroke for going off the course. Example
If your ball is close to an edge or obstruction, you may move it one putter head length away from the edge or obstruction.
If your ball hits the bottom of the cup and then bounces out, it counts as having gone in.
Six is the maximum number of strokes on any hole.
If there is an option, you may use either a plastic or metal-headed putter.
You may not use your own equipment. (Yes, there are some very serious mini-golfers among us!) If you have legitimate medical issues and you need special consideration, you may submit an official petition to the Official Am-Am!! Officials and you may receive an official variance. (Blisters, sunburns, and hang nails are not legitimate medical issues. No whining.)
All other local rules (as posted by the golf courses and/or on the score card) apply. If our rules contradict their rules, our rules win.
Ties on the leaderboard will be broken by the best score on the previous round. If players are tied on all four rounds, the tie will be broken by a coin toss.
Official Officials The Official Am-Am!! Officials (Toni and Rob) have the final say on any disputes with the Am-Am!! rules and/or local course rules.
All participants must wear their Official Am-Am!! commemorative apparel throughout the event. No whining.
Only participants may receive or purchase Am-Am!! apparel.
With prior approval from the Official Am-Am!! Officials, two players may tag-team and play as one player. However, if they win a prize, they must take two prizes. Tag teams are not eligible for green apparel.
Winning money in a miniature golf tournament could jeopardize your amateur status. Elegibility for the Am-Am!! is determined solely by the Official Am-Am!! Officials.

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