The Official Am-Am!! Semi-Official

Fifth Annual Am-Am!!

Terrie generously volunteered to trade in her putter for a clipboard. Thanks to her assistance as the first-ever Official Am-Am!! Semi-Official, the record-setting Fifth Annual Am-Am!! flowed without a hitch. Thanks Terrie! Terrie, the Official Am-Am!! Semi-Official

Sixth Annual Am-Am!!

Stepping in to fill Terrie's adept handling of the clipboard, Beth embraced the responsibilities of the Official Am-Am!! Semi-Official. Bringing players water and donuts, she was a welcome sight by all. Thanks, Beth! Beth

Seventh Annual Am-Am!!

Beth resumes her post as Official Am-Am!! Semi-Official, helping Toni make sure the day runs painlessly. Thanks again, Beth!

Eighth Annual Am-Am!!

A promotion! This year Terrie acted as the Official Am-Am!! Three-Quarters Official, while Toni backed out of her usual duties. There was some discussion that Terrie should have been a Seven-Eighths official once Rob's organizational “skills” became evident. Thanks again, Terrie!

Ninth Annual Am-Am!!

Once again Terrie proved invaluable as this year's Official Am-Am!! Semi-Official. She helped keep the tournament running while both Official Am-Am!! Officials competed on the greens (and blues and yellows and reds). We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks, Terrie!

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