Do you have what it takes to be an Am-Am!! Junior Official?

You Make the Call!

The Official Am-Am!! Officials have to make dozens of tough calls every round. Do you think you know the Official Am-Am!! Rules forwards and backwards? Then click on a scenario and make the call.

Who tees off next?
Water trap!
Windmill Hill
In or Out?
Up in the Air!
T-shirt Turmoil

Note: The scenarios presented in the "You Make the Call!" feature of the Official Am-Am!! Web Site are fictional. Although the names of actual participants and locations are used, they are by no means meant to imply the actual personality, putting ability, intelligence, or mastery of the Official Am-Am!! Rules on the part of the named participants, nor do they imply anything about the design, quality, or playability of the named miniature golf locations, nor should such implications be inferred, derived, or assumed.

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