Seventh Annual Am-Am!! Photos

Fat Loser Toni
Rob appears to be a fat loser. Toni's braced to officiate another Am-Am!!

Tony Harlan
Tony, the face of sleep deprivation. Harlan is happy to doff his East Coast duds and enjoy some California sunshine.

Bill Stuart
After four years, Bill had forgotten what the Am-Am!! was all about. It's all coming back now. Stuart makes it look easy.

Lao Harlan
Lao discovers yet another side of Harlan. "Turn your head and cough."

Ball in Mouth Disease Jason and Joel
Ball in Mouth Disease Jason and Joel taking it far too seriously.
Marc, Rob, and Carrie Ellen and Byron
Marc, Rob, and Carrie revel in a short East Dorm reunion. Ellen and Byron enjoying the day.
Matt Dave
Matt finds himself up a creek. Dave does his happy dance.

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