2003 Am-Am!! Special Awards

The Award Goes to Because
Hardest Hole

TIE: 7th on Milpitas 3; 18th on Milpitas 2

Average strokes: 3.86
Easiest Hole

4th on Milpitas 3

Average strokes: 1.96
Most Consistent Hole

1st on Ardenwood Gold Rush

Standard deviation: 0.39
Feast or Famine Hole

9th on Ardenwood Gold Rush

Standard deviation: 1.81
Easiest Hole Relative to Par

2nd on Ardenwood Jungle

Par: 3
Average 0.75 strokes under par
Hardest Hole Relative to Par

7th on Milpitas 3

Par: 2
Average 1.85 strokes over par
Most Consistent Player Rob Standard Deviation: 0.76 strokes/hole
Least Consistent Player Nicole Standard Deviation: 1.47 strokes/hole
Most 0s Becky, Harlan, John, Matt, Nicole, Robyn, Sarah, Tony They each had one "hole-in-zero"
Most 1s Rob, Tony 7 holes-in-one
Least 1s Sarah Got a Hole-in-Zero but no Holes-in-One.
Least 6s Byron, Jason, John, Rob, Tony Did not get any 6s. Rob and Tony also did not get any 5s.
Most 6s Nicole Nine 6s
Favorite Pudding Flavor Butterscotch No pudding cups left.
Least Favorite Pudding Flavor Tapioca Tossed most of them after the tournament.
Most Dedicated Harlan
From Boston
Most Dedicated Prize Donation Ellen Carried her prize all the way from France.
Biggest Diehard Byron Only non-Official to play every Am-Am!!!
Most Impressive Hole-in-One John Got a true hole-in-one on Hole 10 of Jungle Course.
Best Bandana Display Byron
Most Solar Retinal Damage in an Am-Am!! Matt

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